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logotagliaOur parents started the business with their long time friend and business partner Salvatore. Over the years, the stores have gotten bigger and better. Currently the 200 square meter Festival Foods store we own and operate in Piano di Sorrento has everything from wine and spirits to service meat and seafood. We pride ourselves on a clean store, great prices and quality perishables, wrapped up with a knowledgeable staff ready to serve.

Thank you for visiting our website. We invite you to take advantage of the many specials offered through the site as well as in store. See you soon and thanks again.

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Wine on tap


vino sfusoToday, with the economic crisis, the bulk wine has appropriated for his dignity: the bottles of wine for daily consumption, however, are expensive and the carboy is able to offer a better value for money and maybe a wine is more rustic but much less worked in the cellar. Today, buying wine in the carboy with a minimum of attention and a good dose of passion, you may have to the table wines consistently good and healthy as well as convenient from an economic standpoint as those that we offer you in our store at the average price of 2 Euro per liter

One way to enjoy wine and beer at even cheaper prices is to buy it like the locals do, “alla Spina” (on tap) or “vino sfuso” (wine in bulk or loose). Simply show up with empty bottles or boxes and fill them up with the wine of your choice. It’s typically cheaper than buying a bottle in the supermarket and, most importantly, the wines are of high quality and integrity.






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Are you going in Sorrento or Positano? Well we are on the way. Our shop is close to the church of Mortora. So if you drive just write our adress in your GPS. While in case you come by local driver or taxi, just tell him to stop to the Supermarket close to the church of Mortora in Piano di Sorrento. We hope to see you soon View Supermercato esse cinque in a larger map

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